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ESD2 is comprised of 6 departments including the governing body the Board of Commissioners. Below you can see each department and click read more to see more details.


Handles day-to-day administrative tasks such as HR issues, and setting agendas.
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Board of Commissioners

The elected leadership of ESD2. Responsible for steering the organization, approving budgets, purchases, policies, and setting the tax rate.
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Finance & Accounting

Handles day-to-day administrative tasks such as accounting.
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Operations, is the Officers and Firefighters in the filed responding to emergency and non-emergency incidents at a moments notice.
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Support Services

Support Services is comprised of 4 divisions, Innovation Technology, Fleet Maintenance, Facilities Maintenance, and Logistics, and supports the District's administrative and operational goals.
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Training Division

The training division works to ensure both paid and volunteer personnel have high-quality training needed to safely and efficiently respond to any type of incident.
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