Smith County ESD2’s fleet consists of over 100 pieces of equipment to handle the diverse types of incidents and occupancies. Scroll down to learn more about the different types of apparatus and equipment we have in our fleet. 


27 engines in our fleet.

Engines are the workhorse of the fire service. Engines carry tools and water for fighting fire and responding to recuses and medical emergencies.

Ladder Truck

1 Ladder truck in our fleet.

Ladder trucks are used for fighting large structure fires and rescues.


17 tenders in our fleet.

Tenders provide firefighting water to areas not served by fire hydrants. Tenders typically carry 2,000 to 3,000 gallons of water.

Heavy Brush Trucks

3 Heavy Brush Trucks in our fleet.

ESD2's Heavy Brush Trucks come from a military surplus program and are used to fight wildland fires, swift and flood water rescues, and in 2021 to assist public safety equipment such as ambulances in navigating the snow storm.

Brush Trucks

32 Brush Trucks in our fleet.

Brush trucks are primarily used to fight wildland fires, but crews sometimes use these for a quicker response to medical emergences due to there smaller size.

Traffic Blockers

2 Traffic Blockers in out fleet

2 Traffic blockers where added to the ESD2 fleet after a few collisions with fire apparatus at emergency scenes on highways. The blocker vehicles in the ESD2 fleet are retrofitted fire engines that where taken out of service due to there age. They now have an attenuator and arrow board mounted to the back of the apparatus. Once on scene the attenuator is lowered in place providing a safe place to adsorb the forces of a vehicle collision, resulting in a safer impact both for our fire crews as well as the occupants of the striking vehicle and it reduces the damage to fire apparatus.

Command Vehicles

10 command vehicles in our fleet

Command vehicles provide transportation and a mobile office for fire officers. In the back there is pull out equipment such as computers, dry erase boards, and accountability boards for use on fires and other large incidents.

Support Vehicles

5 Support Vehicles in our fleet

Support Vehicles are used to transport personnel, supplies and equipment.

Rescue Trucks

1 rescue truck in our fleet

Rescue trucks have special equipment to assist in large or complicated rescues incidents. They carry more cribbing and struts used for vehicle accidents and structure collapses.

Service Trucks

2 Service Trucks in our fleet

Service trucks provide on location fleet services to ESD2's over 100 apparatus.


4 Boats in our fleet

Boats protect the 3 major bodies of water in Smith County, providing search and rescue and boater assistance.


2 UTVs in our fleet

UTVs provide a way to fight fire off of small trails and railroad tracks, as well as provides, medical transport and capabilities at large events and wildfires.


3 plows in our fleet.

Plows are used in wildland firefighting to clear fuel by removing trees and other vegetation creating fire breaks.

Command Platform

1 Command Platform in our fleet

The command platform is provided in a partnership between the Smith County Volunteer Firefighters Association, Smith County ESD1 and Smith County ESD2. ESD2 houses and maintains, the platform and the transport truck that pulls it. The platform is used at large incidents and events to provide an office and communications to incident management team members managing the incident.

Tower Platform

1 Tower Platform in our fleet

The tower platform is a portable 103 foot tall antenna tower, it has internet, WiFi, and a 800 Mghz and VHF radio repeater. This provides radio service in areas of poor coverage and provides a contingency incase of a failure of a fixed tower in our radio network.

Support Trailer

1 Support Trailer in our fleet

The support trailer that carries a large tent, tables, chairs, generators, lights and other equipment and normally deploys along side the command platform to large events or incidents.

Cascade Trailer

2 Cascade Trailers in our fleet

A cascade system is used to fill the SCBAs that firefighters use to breath in a hazardous environment and is normally installed as a fixed system in stations. The cascade trailers are a mobile way to refill SCBAs on large incidents. The ESD2 has 2 Cascade Trailers in it's fleet.

DECON Trailer

1 DECON Trailer in our fleet

The DECON Trailer has equipment an supplies to decontaminate first responders and citizens after a HazMat incident.

TFIMAS Trailer

1 TFIMAS Trailer in our fleet

The TFIMAS Trailer is used when responding to large wildfire incidents or TFIMAS deployments, it carries camping equipment and supplies as well as wildfire gear and packs.

Fleet Maintenance Trailer

1 Fleet Maintenance Trailer in our fleet

The Fleet Maintenance Trailer carries equipment, parts and supplies to provide service to ESD2s fleet on large incidents, from sharping chainsaw chains to repairing chainsaws, brush trucks, pumps, generators, and apparatus.

Fire Safety & Prevention Trailer

1 Fire Safety & Prevention Trailer in our fleet

The Fire Safety & Prevention Trailer carries a inflatable fire safety house used to teach kids fire safety.

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