Transparency to the Core

ESD2 strives to exceed the expectation of transparency of our citizens, visitors, partners, and concerned parties. We have taken many steps towards total transparency and are actively taking steps to further increase transparency.

Open Records

Visit or open records page for more details

Financial Records

The ESD publishes most financial records on this web site. Records available online include: Audits, Budgets, Check Registers, Income Worksheets, Tax Rate Schedules,

Agendas & Meetings

ESD2 uses an E-Meeting system to publish agendas, minutes, and even video recordings of all commissure meetings online

Steps we've taken to increase transparency:


Started posting agendas and minuets to website


Started posting check register and budget to website


Started posting live incident data to website from ResponseMaster


Started Live Streaming Meetings


Implemented E-Meetings System by Diligent


Rebuilt Web Site with goal of better informing citizens about the ESD


Currently implementing OpenGov to improve transparency of live financial data

Transparency in the News:

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