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Vice-President, Voting District 2

25 Years

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Term Began: January 2023 Term Expires: December 2026 My name is Charles E. Wilson and I am an Emergency Service District #2 fire commissioner of which my fire district is district #2, Which covers a part of Northwestern Smith County and a portion Of Central North and Northeastern Smith County. I am elected to this position by the voters in the #2 Fire District of the ESD #2 .


I started my fire career in 1968 as a volunteer fireman, while in school at Chapel Hill. I served in that position until I was elected Assistant Fire Chief and then later as Chief. In 1978 I moved to the Sand flat Community on FM 14 and was instrumental in forming the Red Springs Volunteer Fire Department with many community people helping. From 1978 on my accomplishments were building a fire station on Hwy. 16 At Red Springs of which was mostly done with help from volunteers, firemen and public donations.  Our first station was an old mechanics Shop on FM 16 at Red Springs of which was used by us until we built another Station.  As we grew I was again instrumental with the help of our volunteers and the public to build a larger station on Hwy 14 at Red Springs to house our Expansion needs.

After serving a Chief for 36 years at Red Springs VFD, I resigned As chief to become an ESD #2 fire commissioner. I have served as a Fire Commissioner for 7 years now on the ESD #2.  I also served as Vice President  on The ESD #2. I have served as President on the Smith County Volunteer Fireman’s Association 2 terms in the past. I also was very instrumental in the Petition to the taxpayers of Smith County to bring forth a election to form The Emergency Service District #2 Smith County. I also was very involved in applying for  state sales tax revenue from the State Controller’s office to assist the ESD #2 in hiring state-certified firemen to be on duty at our Fire Stations 24 hours day for quicker responses to our people in the Smith County area. This year is my 53 year in Smith County with the volunteer fire Departments and the ESD #2 in the fire service.  I have been involved In the fire service in many areas over the past 53 years and have enjoyed working with the fire departments and public.

 Thanks Charles E. Wilson ESD #2 Fire commissioner District 2 Smith county

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