Shortage of Volunteer Firefighters Still An Issue

What if you had a fire and nobody came? That is the worst case scenario for people who live in areas that are protected by volunteer fire departments. Nearly 80 percent of the firefighters nationwide are volunteers. So who are these folks who answer the call at all hours, leaving their day to day lives to help those in need? It’s people like you! In Smith County, as well as everywhere around the country, there is a shortage of trained volunteers to respond to emergency situations. Recent changes in the laws have mandated that volunteers have nearly the same level of training that full time firefighters have in order to fight fires. That takes time, training….and commitment! But the rewards are tremendous, knowing that you are making a difference in your community, and helping out your neighbors in time of need. Whether it’s providing first response medical aid, helping victims of an auto accident, or fighting a house or wildland fire, the satisfaction of helping is something you have to experience to appreciate.

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