Smith County ESD2 ITS Expands Microwave network to cover 10 locations

Since the beginning of the ESD2 Microwave network (see: Smith County ESD2 ITS implements new microwave network) the IT team with the approval of the board of commissioners has added an additional 7 facilities and one relay point. The network now connects 9 stations and the administration office to the primary server room. The microwave network now consists of over 79 miles of microwave links with an average symmetrical speed 300Mbps with an average latency from point to the furthest point of 2 ms. The reliability of the network has been 99.9% uptime on average per site. This is a substantial improvement on uptime, latency, and speed while reducing reoccurring costs over $2,000 monthly. The master plan for this network when complete will serve 19 locations and provide incredible redundancy as a ring network.

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