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What do my tax dollars pay for?


From front-line Structural Fire Engines, Water Tenders, Wildland Brush Trucks, Ladder Trucks, and Boats, to specialized vehicles, ESD2 crews have the apparatus necessary to get the job done.

Stations and Facilities

Smith County ESD2 builds and maintains fire stations, and administration, maintaince, and communication facilities in Smith County to ensure rapid response of well-maintained equipment.


All of the day to day materials that are needed to keep the departments functioning. This includes fuel, fire suppression aiding foam, saw blades, oil, ink and paper, hose, batteries, this list just goes on and on.

Safety Equipment

Smith County ESD2 crews are equipped with Thermal Imaging Cameras to see through smoke, hydraulic tools that can cut vehicles apart, air packs, and quality firefighting attire to protect our personnel.


Smith County ESD2 provides dispatch through contracts with Smith County Sheriff Office, Radios, Pagers, Push Notifications to cell phones, Station Alerting, Email and Phone communications along with real-time tracking of apparatus and much more with an internal IT Team.


Your tax dollars help pay for training classes that teach our first responders how to save lives and protect your property and do it safely enough to go home to their families when the job is complete. In addition, we have established standardized training programs for both volunteer and paid personnel.

Fleet Maintenance

With over 712 Sq Miles to protect Smith County ESD2 crews cover a lot of ground responding to emergencies. The equipment is heavy and emergency response is rough on the trucks. Smith County ESD2 ensures that equipment undergoes preventative maintenance and quick repairs with an internal fleet maintenance team.


Volunteerism is down across the US and employers will no longer let employees leave work to fight fires, and since a majority of volunteers work during the day, Smith County ESD2 staffs 5 stations 24/7 and 7 stations from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday in order to ensure your safety and to provide immediate response when an emergency occurs.

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