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Smith County ESD2 Support Services

14128 Highway 110 South
Building 2: IT Services
Whitehouse, TX 75791


Mon– Fri: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


To enable the District to achieve its operational objectives and priorities while providing the citizens within Smith County ESD2 technology solutions that will increase transparency and provide streamlined ways of conducting business and inquires with the District.


Our mission is to provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective Information Technology Services, contributing to efficient incident response and productive government. To improve citizen transparency to government information and services. We will accomplish this through the application of technology and related information resources and by providing planning technical support for district-wide data processing.

The Support Services Department consists of 4 divisions with 9 Full-Time Personnel.


With the population growth, changing risk factors of the District and increased demand for emergency services that has led to more reliance on information technology services, our Strategic Plan focuses on the following 6 areas of Information Technology at Smith County ESD2:
• Continuing the buildout high speed and reliable internet to our rural stations
• Enhancing the speed and availability of internal services provided to citizens, our staff and volunteers
• Enhancing our IT Infrastructure to meet the rapidly growing technology demands of the District
• Increasing citizen transparency through Electronic Access to District Information
• Providing Best in Class Management of Data Security and Integrity
• Providing Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Services


Information Technology

The purpose of the Information Technology Services Department is to enable the district to achieve its operational goals, priorities, and objectives through efficient, reliable, and cost-effective Information Technology Systems.

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Fleet Maintenance

Smith County ESD2 crews cover a lot of ground responding to emergencies. The equipment is heavy and emergency response is rough on the trucks. Smith County ESD2 ensures that equipment undergoes preventative maintenance, and when an apparatus breaks down, we get it back in service as quickly as possible.

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Management Structure:

The Support Services Department of Smith County ESD2 operates under the Smith County ESD2 Board of Commissioners and serves as an agent of the District offices led by elected officials and appointed department heads.


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